Friday, November 27, 2015

Petitions and More, November 27 Tell the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission to protect wolves, stop anti-wolf resolutions! Or mail to  , needs more attention  After signing (ingresa), click on inicio/home, to scroll down for other petitions
in the Bavarian Forest from being shot, poisoned and maimed! Please confirm your signature at the blue link, afterwards To send your letter. Italy. Definitively abolish the use of Horses in the 'Bear Joust of Pistoia', a race which since 1975 has caused as many as 27 victims NO to euthanasia of pets of refugees and migrants! Confirm please (spam) Against Cruelty to Animals in the Belgrade Zoo, Serbia. Confirm (spam) Peru. Municipality of Junin. Prohibit Animal torture and murder at the celebration of "Jalapato"! Argentina. Ministry of Ecology of Misiones, Stop the abuse of native animals in national and provincial parks! Colombia. Let Martha Roa resign as Director Corporinoquia, incompetent to protect animals and the environment Spain. Ban the trade in and sale of Dogs Colombia. Santa Marta district. Apply a program of continuous sterilizations, the budget of field  sterilizations 2014 should be used for this
EU. Improve the lives of animals which are being used as food Modify the Spanish Constitution and the laws in force in the three points mentioned below: weapons, cruelty to animals, gender violence
                 ========  News and more   ======== A safe haven to almost 400 wild horses including 29 burros A variety of (also funny) topics. The main topic is probably cats


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  1. Thank you for your hard work, dear Anneke. I sign your petitions for more, than a year.