Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Petitions and More, November 11  Oregon wildlife officials voted last night to strip state Endangered Species Act protections from Oregon's wolves (only 81 left)! File a comment with Gov. Brown via website or by calling (503) 378-4582, or write a letter to the editor for your public newspaper Save the Bulls from the fire, stop the Toro de Jubilo ‘festival’ Fendi, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Karl Lagerfeld, Harald Glööckler, Joop, Gucci (..) other fashion designers and leading department stores: stop the use/sale of Karakul lambskin, Persianer, Breitschwanz, Afghan Karakul, Buhkara Karakul. Needs more attention
More sign. needed  Conflict Palm Oil continues to expand into the heart of the rainforests and peatlands of the Leuser Ecosystem in Indonesia To take action against the cruel and unnecessary fur trade  After signing (ingresa), click on inicio, to scroll down for other petitions France. Alain Fuchs, Director of the CNRS: Stop your animal testing (primates) Chile. No to the Central Hydro electric powerstation in the Rio Puelo Keep Wild Horses and Burros Wild & Ban Massive Roundup USFS – Deny Mining Permit & Save the Jaguars  Judge Angelo Delligati, the man who cut off legs and ears of dog without anesthesia deserves jail time, not a slap on the wrist Support Animal Abuse Registration Law By Tennessee Government & Implement the law in every state St. Francis of Assisi-Zarzal needs continuity after 15 years of working for dogs and cats abandoned in the town of Zarzal, Valle-Colombia-as well as monitoring the forest "MENA" and the protection of wildlife To lower vet fees for poor pensioners USDA – Investigate Care of Nosey the Elephant & Implement Penalties if Owner Found Guilty Stop Elephant slavery for money and diagnose the diseased elephant in the Hampi Temple, Karnataka, India
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