Thursday, November 5, 2015

Petitions and More, November 5  George Osborne, lead the way to Stop EU subsidies for Bullfighting and encourage Finance Ministers in other EU countries to support the amendment! (under countries, ignore ‘other’) Update, up to 7 years in prison on charges of felony animal cruelty. His sentencing is scheduled for Jan 13 2016, continue to sign  After signing (ingresa), click on inicio, to scroll down for other petitions US-info. Members of Congress, cosponsor the National Bison Legacy Act Romania. Mr. Ion Calinoiu. Protection from intolerable conditions for the dogs in the Public Shelter Targu Jiu! Italy. NO to the decriminalization for abuse/mistreatment of animals, CANCEL the Legislative Decree bearing Provisions on non-punishment! Turkey. Istanbul. The data proves that this person is involved in Dog fighting, we have a copy of the video as evidence; prosecute this person!
Sergipe. Free surgical sterilization for pets Brazil. Campina Grande, PB. Create a (public) veterinary hospital and renovate the Center for Medical Animal Care Italy. We ask the Italian Parliament for a legal status for abused and abandoned Animal Sanctuaries and Public funds for their creation EU. Against euthanizing and exporting exotic animals according to the new law on keeping exotic animals, to be banned by EU in 2016 Spain. Sitges. Please allocate part of our taxes to the creation of a shelter and help the associations that exist to sterilize animals that are on the street Don't Ignore Deforestation at the U.N. Climate Change Conference Inokashira Park Zoo in Tokyo: Hanako lives for 61 years alone in a concrete prison! Give her a real life or send her to a sanctuary Citizens of NH, VT, All U.S. - Take Back YOUR Connecticut River-Cheshire Rail-Trail, Unique Wildlife Habitat Corridor & Historic Infrastructure
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