Monday, November 23, 2015

Petitions and More, November 23 Obama, Protect Gray Wolves and the Endangered Species Act! ZIP=5 digits Action to call, US. Senate bill would drop protections for wolves in 4 states! UK-info. Ban the import to the UK of all hunting trophies! Urgently needs more signatures, confirm afterwards  After signing (ingresa), click on inicio/home, to scroll down for other petitions!docketDetail;D=FWS-HQ-IA-2015-0157 Needs more comments.  Three zoos, US, are requesting authorization to import 18 live African elephants from Swaziland Update. And more signatures please. Protection for the dogs in the public dog pound Targu Jiu, Romania; intolerable conditions! Russia. Naberezhnye Chelny. Prosecute this perpetrator abusing and killing a defenseless puppy, taking pictures of these atrocities Turkey. Bursa. Yenisehir village, Camon. Justice for the massacre of 84 dogs, prosecute the perpetrators! Russia.In Tyumen, a huge number of animals are dying at the dogound on ul.Kedrovoy from disease, hunger, lack of care! The use of dogs as cannon fodder or bait is shameful, Diesel the dog was doomed being forced to enter the apartment, a pole or a dummy would suffice! Turkey. Kecioren Municipality, what did you do with my two dogs, I want them back! Mexico. Fire Alvaro and Eric from Control Canino/Animals and replace them with respectful, professional, experienced, trained and compassionate employees at Control Canino/Animals/Ecology/Medio Ambient Brazil. Municipality of Florianópolis. SOS Street Dogs Project, aiming at mass castration/neutering of (homeless) dogs and cats of the low-income population Chile. Municipality of Viña del Mar. No more unfavorable conditions, animal abuse, exhaustion, poor nutrition, poor hygiene for these working horses! Germany. No to the increase in taxes for dogs on the ‘danger’ list, from 500 to 720 euros More signatures needed. Help Us End Taiji Dolphin Hunts! If UPS wants our holiday shipping dollars, it needs to stop funding climate denial and animal cruelty! Why is Ford funding climate denial and animal cruelty? Tell the auto maker to quit ALEC now! Australians want a future that's renewable, not radioactive Ask the Government to Plan Smarter for Offshore Wind Toma Acción: Speak Up and Demand More Solar Energy!
 Netherlands. Save 113 trees in Tilburg from being chopped down
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