Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Petitions and More, November 17 No Means No: KLK and EPO Must Respect Community Rights Now (Palm Oil) Scroll down for translation, and to sign! In Defense of the Children, Animal Welfare and of the Azores – Street Bullfights can not be Immaterial Cultural Heritage. Confirm afterwards please Help: Dogs and Pigs Abused at Cruel Laboratory Breeder  After signing (ingresa), click on inicio, to scroll down for other petitions France, please sign and confirm afterwards  More than 67 million U.S. acres are now leased to the fossil fuel industry; pres. Obama, stop new fossil fuel development on America's public lands and waters Help stop the persecution of homeless animals in the Russian Federation Turkey. Muğla,  Dalaman, Marmaris, Dalyan Municipalities: prevent poisoning of stray dogs and cats in shelters or living in the streets, show respect for their right to life! Turkey. Sariyer municipality, stop the atrocities in the dog pound
Italy. Matteo Renzi. NO to the decriminalization of offenses to, mistreatment of Animals  We request the government to decide on harsh laws to prevent such criminal activities against animals Turkey. Create an Animal Protection police unit as in other countries, to detect and prevent crimes against animals Argentina. Start mobile mass castrations of animals in Maciel Island China: Protect ALL of Your Wildlife Before It's Too Late Tell Kikkoman to Stop Testing on Animals Ban Illegal Trade of Slow Loris and Save it From Extinction Help Close the Door on Risky Arctic Drilling Stop Using Animal Dissection in School
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( Poll, Sweden. What do you think about the authorities' decision to shoot 46 Wolves? Please vote with the last choice: I want to stop all hunting wolves/Jag vill stoppa all jakt på varg ! Click on rösta) Establish and promote animal welfare internationally with a great focus in the country of Romania


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