Friday, November 20, 2015

Malaysia, stop the brutal massacre, start anti-rabies vaccinations now!


To :

Prime Minister of Malaysia –Dato' Sri MohdNajib Office
Telephone number : 603-8888 8000

Ministry of Agriculture Department Malaysia
Telephone number: +603-8870 1200
Telephone number: +603-8870 1400
Kedah State Government
Telephone number: 04-774 4000 Fax: 04-774 4166
Penang State Government
Telephone number:+604-2621957 / +604-2642020
Chief Minister Of  Penang State Government, Lim Guan Eng 
Telephone number : +604-2614424 / +604-6505112
Perlis State Government
Telephone number:  +604-9738800
Chief Minister Of  Perlis State Government, Azlan Man
Telephone number: +604-9738880
Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia
Telephone number :+603-80008000
Ministry of International Trade and Industry
Telephone number:+ 603-8000 8000

Minister, Amassador, Sir, Madam, To whom it concerns:

We as  international animal friends regardless of race, religion, political background or country, strongly protest against the Kedah State Government in Malaysia for continuing the killing of stray dogs because of some rabies cases.
We urge the Kedah State government to stop immediately the killing order, just like what Penang State and Perlis had done lately.

Please, replace massive killing of homeless dogs in Kedah with massive vaccinations, as WTO, WHO, WVS already declared that massive vaccination will work effectively, in comparison with massive killing. They completed mission successfully in Africa, Bali and India!!

Please be sympathetic and compassionate, and pull back your personal selfishness.
According to the Penang State Government made the announcement to stop the order of rabies vaccine for homeless dogs in Penang while he announced to stop the killing as well!

Here is the Article from Hong Kong NPV president criticized on Lim’s unintentional for vaccinate the homeless dogs in Penang.
Chief Minister of Penang - Lim Guan Eng had cancelled the previously ordered rabies vaccines at the same time as he cancelled the order of killing homeless dogs.

Lim’s unintentional for vaccinate the homeless dogs in Penang
The president of Hong Kong Non-Profit making Veterinary Service Society (NPV) – Mark Mak criticized Lim’s treachery action should be condemned by Who Health Organization (WHO) for placing both the people and animal in jeopardy. Lim mentioned in the press this morning that the order for vaccinating housedogs remains in effect but at the same time, he would be cancelled vaccines order. This action was definitely opposed to the proposal by Malaysian animal protection organizations for getting vaccinations for the homeless dogs. Mak commented that Lim had no intention of preventing rabies by vaccinations. 
And Lim’s action implies that another massive killing of the homeless dog will be possible in the event for the future rabies cases occurrence. Lim also mentioned that the Veterinary Bureau would only vaccinates the housedogs and shifting the responsibility to animal protection organizations; “The vaccination from Veterinary Bureau is only meant for housedogs. 
It is time for the NGOs to perform, hope these NGOs will vaccinate the homeless dogs.” Mak critiqued Lim for pushing away duty of keeping safeness of the people and dog to volunteers. (Original post translated from HK Animal Post, Oct 9, 2015)

Since September 21st there is no case of rabies detected in Kedah.
Penang and Perlis had stopped killing.

But Kedah is STILL killing even the Sungai Petani Council MPSPK is aggressively killing even at night with 20 men to kill the poor innocent homeless dogs.
So we urge and plead Kedah State Government to stop the killing IMMEDIATELY and replace by a massive vaccination with cooperation with WVS and local Kedah NGO.
As for Penang State Government, this is your responsibility for massive vaccination for homeless dogs in Penang state as well due to the rabies outbreak because this is a society problem since you claimed yourself is a governor server to ensure the safety of your citizens in Penang.
So please just relocate a fund to take an action instead of throwing the ball to the local NGO!!!!!
As for Malaysia Federal Government: Please Funding Massive Spaying For The HOMELESS Dogs to control and reduce the population in your country and heavy fine those irresponsible owner that abandon their pet instead of currently killing of the poor HOMELESS dogs policy that already running since and before Malaysia independent which was years 1957.
Killing of the poor HOMELESS dogs must be an end now as this killing strays policy already been running over 58 years and proven ineffectively control of your country strays animasl population. So this must be ended immediately!

We, global animal friends will never end fighting for animal rights!


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