Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Petitions and More, November 4 Tweetstorm to save the Florida Black Bear, Tuesday Nov. 10 Farm-Factory, from 500 animals to 880, by "SCEA Côte de la Justice", reject this proposal! Confirm afterwards please English text. Cruelty to sheep for wool on farms of 21 Ovis network in Argentina. For more sign. For the elimination of all animal testing for Kikkoman soy sauce. As well
EU, stop the killing of wildlife / raccoons!  After signing (ingresa), click on inicio, to scroll down for other petitions Stop the fires, protect the forests
Stop cruel bear bile farming Facebook, Incorporate 'no violence against animals' in the standards of the Facebook community (in order to report/remove certain pages) ! Turkey. The Parliamental Environment Committee should be dedicated as well to animal rights, in a knowledgeable and competent manner, in ecological and environmental issues; we request that you nominate representatives Ourinhos needs a project that offers free sterilization for cats and dogs in order to prevent more unwanted litters and neglect of victims Germany. Poisonous bait should be considered as an (attempted) attack to cause grievous bodily harm! Gem. § 224 of the Criminal Code should include this with prosecution and penalties
Build a kennel to house the abandoned animals in Unimep on the campus Taquaral (Piracicaba) facebook, close the account of Sabrina Corgatelli, Argentina, her
publications about hunting animal are offensive, boasting hunters actions. Offensive to preservation of life and species. Incites violence, it is provocative Facebook, close the page "Paz Para los Toros y Caballos", "Peace for the Bulls and Horses" ,  humiliating and disrespecting women as a justification for the complaint about cruel and disgusting abuse of animals in Spain Mexico. Senate, do NOT grant the Medal Belisario Dominguez to Alberto Baillères, main promoter of cruelty, torture and barbarism against animals, this award is aimed at shielding Bullfighting! Give Polar Bears a Voice: Climate Action Now! Germany. Pro Sieben TV: Stop Wild Island, a show where animals are abused and killed Rescued lioness Baguira, under the care of an Argentine environmental agency, which has no structure to keep it, and has too many lions, should be placed in Brazil
                  ==========  News and more   ========= That dog meat farm? We bulldozed it. The 103 dogs we rescued were the last who will ever suffer there  No registering, you can vote every 24 hours until Nov. 13


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