Monday, November 2, 2015

Petitions and More, November 2 US-info.  Protect Wyoming Wolves from Congressional Delisting!  After signing (ingresa), click on inicio, to scroll down for other petitions Tweetstorm Nov. 11, Save The NYBC Abandoned Chimps Once more. Racing without whips
Abolish the right of veto of China if it is Not working actively to ban the Festival of Yulin, and all other acts of barbarism and vileness towards animals Pope Francis. We ask you to say a word in favor of the weaker creatures, the animals, which too often are exploited beyond measure, subjected to violence and killed in barbaric and cruel ways Italy. Bovalino, Calabria: award this group of volunteers who set up a non-profit association to save the lives of hundreds of stray dogs, abused or abandoned, called "Anime Randagie", the public land in Bovalino, the former, abandoned slaughterhouse Belarus, stop carrying out experiments on stray animals! Mexico. Morelos, UAEM -University-, investigate the cruel death of Lobito! Brazil. Burnley Camera, a shelter is needed urgently for abandoned animals, also run with the help of volunteers Italy. Schedule urgently DDL Social Protection for Animals DDLS 1482, against abuse, abandonment and for stray animals
Change the Monument Protection Act in Berlin (Animal Slaughter) Almost enough sign. Help Free Dogs and Cats from Laboratories! Pass the Beagle Freedom Bill in NY Investigate Allegations of Military Killing Animals with (ATSCC) Urge the Queensland Government to Introduce Tough Laws and Sentencing for Hunters who Kill Feral Pigs Inhumanely! Burma (Myanmar) don't slaughter the elephants who worked in the timber industry! Take care of them in sanctuaries with enough medical supplies Demand a professional deer census in Lakeway, TX which will tell us if we need to continue the baiting, trapping and killing now used! Demand the UK Government uses Appropriate Parliamentary Procedures to Debate Fracking in Protected Areas such as National Parks Title refers to an old fundraiser, links are missing
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