Sunday, August 23, 2015

Urgent, New Mexico, hunting/trapping more Cougars, Bears and Cubs, protest please!

Urgent! Please send the sample/adapted letter!
To:,,,,,,, ,
Subject: NM, new proposal Cougars and Bears
Sir, madam, to whom it concerns:
I politely but urgently ask you to please oppose cruel and dangerous trapping, especially the trapping of cougars!
It would mean an increase in the appallingly cruel and archaic practice of trapping.
Further, more traps set for cougars would continue to undermine the safety of people and companion animals on public lands, but also on private land and New Mexico State Trust Land, which may still be open to it.
This isn't trapping of cougars to address a management need.
It is cruel and sadistic ‘sport’ trapping for ‘fun’ and profit.
More traps would mean more torturous misery, not only for cougars of all ages and genders but also for other helpless wildlife!
Additionally, new proposals from the department seek to increase the annual hunt quotas for black bears and, most appallingly, seem to allow for Spring bear hunts.
Opening the Spring season for hunting will put unconscionable pressure on bears awaking from hibernation and particularly on female sow bears raising cubs
Please oppose increased hunt limits and trapping for cougars and bears!
Thank you for your attention,

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