Saturday, August 22, 2015

Petitions and More, August 22 US-info. Members of Congress, oppose riders in the Interior Appropriations bills that would harm wildlife! US-info only. Please Oppose the 'SHARE Act' (H.R. 2406)! It panders to poachers and hunters and is dangerous to wildlife and the environment! British Columbia, send your letter, ban body-gripping traps (such as the still-legal leg-hold trap), all requests ignored ! Scroll down to sign if not done yet. Prime Minister of Malaysia, prosecute individuals, government or private entities which have caused unnecessary suffering to animals or neglected their welfare, based on contents of the Animals Act 1953 (Revised 2006)! Once more, scroll down to sign petitions for Wildlife Spain, harsh penalties for the soulless being who threw these puppies in a container! More petitions to sign! Use translate please, letter to sent, copy, paste! At Liege airport new Beagles are imported from the US, weekly, for Vivisection laboratories across Europe!  Pres. of Safari Club International (SCI) Mr. Craig L. Kauffman, No more unpunished hunting! France, Mayor of Lievin, Cancel the unjust euthanasia of Rika! Sao Paulo, asking for a public Veterinary Hospital in Pirituba, free veterinary care for dogs and cats, mainly for emergencies and castrations
               ======  News and more  ========!page-10/c10yf Interview Rosie Kunneke, arrested for trying to stop the slaughter of Whales  Article from preeminent satire news publisher, The Onion. Everything The Onion publishes is satirical and not true Once more. "This is an important step to protecting the rights to hunt, fish and trap in Michigan from radical animal rights organizations”..... The act has also received the endorsement of the National Wildlife Federation....! Venezuela, the entry of children and adolescents to Bullfights in the Plaza "Monumental Ramon Eduardo Sandia" Libertador municipality of Merida, as well as elsewhere in the Andean state is now prohibited Farm Animal Rights Movement


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