Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Petitions and More, August 19 Send messages please, include Korean text, mailbox full will be possible UK-info. Ban the import to the UK of all hunting trophies. Many more sign. needed! Confirm Patagonia, thanks for halting wool purchases but please stop selling wool for good! US-info. Members of Congress, hold the hardrock mining industry accountable for the toxic pollution its mines leave behind! Tweetsheet for Ustad the Tiger  Phase out recreational gillnets in all Tasmanian waters by November 2016!  In the UK, Bee killers are allowed again - despite an EU wide ban! Call on the European Commission to renew the ban on Bee killer pesticides and protect the Bees in the future! US-info. Urge BLM To Protect Old-Growth Forests, Not Clear-Cut Them Italy, Group Barilla,  stop using palm oil in your products Gov. Brown, California, Build Wildlife Corridors Over California Freeways To Save The Lives Of Mountain Lions! Tell Swiss authorities they have totally got it wrong by giving ivory smugglers a 'smack on the wrist' !
Lousa, Coimbra District, we demand an end to the slaughter in this (no-kill) kennel were many dogs were euthanized this week! Thomas Cook-Operated “Direct Holidays”: Stop Encouraging Holidaymakers To Support Bullfighting!
                   =========  News and more   ======== The Aviva Community Fund is back with $1 million in funding for positive change in your community  Fund farms and animal shelters in the Philippines, special action


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