Sunday, August 2, 2015

Bulgaria, Dr Litov, Borko, another eviction order!



President, Minister, Prosecutor, Sir,
I am shocked, dismayed and appalled by how Dr Litov has been harassed by the unscrupulous mayor of Devin, Smolyan Province – Cvetalin Penkov, who served him twice with eviction papers in just two years.
I am disgusted by how Dr Litov’s family, including the crippled boy Borko, were threatened with abduction and execution.
I believe those shameful actions of a Bulgarian Mayor to be an effort to punish Dr Litov only for being a responsible, compassionate, caring human being.
Dr Litov did not hurt, injure, or kill anyone or anything, and yet he has been treated like a criminal.
His only “crime” was to save, nurse and care for a few strays in the village, which was a responsibility of the local government on a first place.
When a rogue Mayor and a few corrupt municipal officials join together to relentlessly persecute one of the few remaining doctors in Bulgaria, it is likely not just a problem with a few “rotten apples”, but with the culture of the Bulgarian institutions.
I shall not rest until Dr Litov gets police protection from that madman – the Mayor of Devin.
I shall not rest until the suspension of the latest eviction order, served to the doctor.
I shall not rest until Dr Litov gets assurance that his livelihood, his safety and the safety of his family will never be threatened or compromised again.
I shall not rest until no one in Bulgaria is abused at the hands of the local municipal authorities like this again.
We want justice.


Yesterday dr Litov's attorney informed us that the Smolyan Administrative Court suspended the preliminary execution of the eviction order. Under the applicable domestic law - the Municipal Property Act, filing an appeal with the Administrative Court against an eviction order does not stop its execution, unless the Court rules otherwise. Days after Dr Litov was served with eviction papers, his attorney petitioned the Court in that respect. He pleaded that a possible eviction would have a disastrous and irreparable consequences for the doctor and the majority of the local population - his patients. We are pleased to announce that the Court ruled in favor of dr Litov. He is to stay and work in his surgery, until the Court's final ruling on the case. An open Court session has been scheduled for the 13th of July. Thank you all for your support. It means so much to dr Litov and sweet, little Borko. And please, keep signing. Lets make sure this Mayor never gets re-elected again.

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