Monday, August 17, 2015

Petitions and More, August 17  UK-info. Pressure Denmark to Stop the Grindadrap whale slaughter in the Faroe Islands! Confirm!  National Park Service, protect critical habitat for Florida Panthers against fracking! U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, reject any proposal by the Florida Wildlife Commission that would eliminate critical protections for the Florida Panther!  I ask the Australian government to take a step back and to NOT practice this cruel mass killing of Cats!  Ukraine, Smilyanska City Council, Ukraine has a law on the protection of Animals. We ask you to cooperate with animal protect organizations of the City, like Smela "Four Paws" and use the budget for that, NOT to kill animals Chamber of Deputies, Mexico, we demand that a National Declaration of Animal Rights is drafted! Chile, do NOT approve the bill that declares the Patagonian jineteadas as a national sport (Bulletin 10021-29)! Horses are suffering, brutally mistreated, beaten and kicked! EU, Protect the health of humans and animals against toxic substances and pesticides. Switch to intelligent alternative test methods instead of animal experiments! Colombian Government, Elected mayors 2015-2019, we ask for a Public Veterinary Hospital Spain, City of Roda Berà, stop the "Burricada" with Donkeys
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