Friday, August 14, 2015

Petitions and More, August 14 UK-info. Needs many more signatures. Ban the import to the UK of all hunting trophies. Confirm US-info. Petitions (and updates), if not participated yet  Netherlands, I say NO to shooting 2400 Deer in the Amsterdam Water Supply Dunes; the ‘arguments’ are incorrect! Belgium, Open Letter to Ben Weyts: Gear up Stray Cats Policy! Confirm please If not signed yet. Stop the Faroe massacre! Russia, Protect unique natural area of ​​the Baltic Sea! Japan, abolishing hunting activities .. Spain, Santa MarĂ­a de la Alameda, withdraw the hunting permits for pigs next to camping Vallenmedio! Demand that McCurtain County, DA Mark Matloff charge Jeromy Mixon and Brad Stewart with animal abuse or resign! Enbridge: Fix the Decaying Mackinac Pipeline Before You Devastate the Great Lakes!
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