Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Action for Zimbabwe's Baby Elephants!

Subject: 24 baby elephants shipped to Chimelong Safari Camp from Zimbabwe
Dear CEO Kaufer,
You may know about the 24 baby elephants shipped to Chimelong Safari Camp from Zimbabwe. These babies were much too young to leave their mothers so brutally without weaning. The females should remain with their mothers throughout their lives. They spent 8 months in captivity growing weaker from malnourishment and shock; some did not make it. It was reported that the mothers approached the pens crying for their babies. Wildlife inspectors were not permitted to inspect them. They arrived in China with what could only be bullhook wounds inflicted during the flight and from all reports and photos, underweight and dehydrated.
These babies are in no way prepared to be on their own as they will be in China. They will undergo cruel, brutal training where they will be 'broken', an agonizing process both physically and emotionally to teach them tricks, such as standing on their heads amongst others, which should never be demanded of elephants. Their lives will be dramatically cut short, and the probability of behavioral problems developing is almost inevitable.
I question why you show Chimelong Safari Camp as a wonderful place, while the elephants and many other animals there live lives of torment? The pictures of the elephants' tiny pens are horrific. They normally roam 20-100 miles in the wild.
While I usually have faith in your reviews, I know for a fact that the ones of Chimelong are inaccurate, and the animals are in abject misery. Generally, your reviews are honest and reliable but in this case, they are completely inaccurate.
Please, look at your policy with regards to wild captive animals. The world is in an uproar over the atrocity involved in the killing of Cecil. Now more and more attention is focused on these elephants. We, along with many other conservation groups from all corners of the globe are pressurizing the UN to investigate CITES' handling of this criminal trade deal.
Therefore, I respectfully ask you to reexamine your approval of Chimelong. China's record on treatment of animals is very poor. You have the power to help change the future of these unfortunate victims of human greed and corruption, and with regards to your business, integrity and honesty are paramount to positive reviews. Sadly, in the case of Chimelong, you've made an error that can only perpetuate suffering. We urge you to use your influence for the good of these animals.
Sincerely :

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