Friday, August 28, 2015

Petitions and More, August 28 Tweetstorm Close down Moran Dog-meat market, Seongnam, Aug. 29! Once more: Home Secretary, do the right thing for dogs by refusing to grant this unethical facility an establishment licence! ZIP=5 digits. End Greyhound Races at Macau's Canidrome! Scroll down to support this petition! ZIP=5 digits. Night Fishing Kills Dolphins;jsessionid=CC3B9BF31C2852DA1AF3A7C73706F01C.app304a?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=3833 Demand Shell's CEO, Ben van Beurden, to call off his company's reckless drive to drill the Arctic! Russia,  Inspect the 'shelter' in the Irkutsk Region relations K-9, at Irkutsk ul.Karpinskaya, 125 and its 'manager' Slavin, on criminal and administrative liability for cruel treatment of animals!
let Olot again be at the forefront in the world of animal defense, stop Bulls events! Brazil, We need a veterinary hospital funded by public funds in order to help these animals that deserve our attention, in Porto Velho (RO)
               ========  News and more   ======== Dog racing is ending in Texas


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