Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Petitions and More, August 12 Taiji, Japan, Governor of Wakayama, do NOT approve the permit for this season’s Dolphin hunts! Let’s stop the massacre of Dolphins in Europe! US-info. Once more please  Help improve with your signature the working and living conditions of Viennese Fiaker Horses! Sierra Club must STOP advocating for deforestation and pesticide use in San Francisco Bay Area! US-info. Don’t Trash our State Park Lands—Protect Mendocino County Forests Chile, Ban thePatagonian jineteadas, a violent show where horses are hit and injured, sometimes till death will follow! Spain, Ribatejada, do not release five young Heifers in the Bullring August 30 at 19: 00h  2015, to be beaten, humiliated and abused! China, Punish the perpetrators of the horrific slaughter and killing of a whale shark! Spain, Asturas, No to a macro-dogpound of the 'Business Association of Professional Veterinary Asturian', it can hold only 300 Dogs! Stop issuing licenses for foreign hunters to hunt endangered species in Iran, and support Iranian rangers who protect the animals! This must end: why is the Australian Veterinarian Association not being a voice for these animals (live export) Congress: Don't Cut America's Most Important Conservation Program
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