Saturday, August 29, 2015

Petitions and More, August 29

More signatures please Send your message please, again. Upgrade lions to Endangered Status! UPDATE: Signatures were sent to the District Attorney And Sheriff. The owner also has a copy of the signatures. Today in court people learned that there is a petition regarding this case and it will hopefully be taken into consideration. Next court appearance will be in September 16 at 1:30 Civil Guard is asking citizens to work together to find the person responsible for leaving sausage with pins in some areas of Villaralbo, Zamora Scroll down for other petitions, if not signed yet Prohibit hunters to shoot Dogs and Cats! Confirm please TUI, make a stand against the Whale massacre, STOP tourist-traveling to the Faroe Islands, as AIDA and Hapag-Lloyd do! US-info. Help Make Three Sisters Springs A True Winter Sanctuary For Manatees Stop torture and unimaginable torture of bears on Chinese farms! Incl. English text. Madeira: the everlasting spring for Animals - is in fact a severe winter; ignorance to the suffering of animals, politically, the killing of animals is being subsidized! Italy, Avola, Justice for Tigrotta and all other poisoned Dogs! Utah Wildlife managers have decided to add 32 cougar hunting permits while experts strongly warn against this Save elephants: support the U.S. ivory ban! Congress: make bison our national mammal
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