Monday, August 10, 2015

Petitions and More, August 10 More signatures please! Stop the killing of Dogs in Mauritania! Close the Tamil Nadu State Dog-Breeding Unit Immediately India, Pledge to Practice Your ABCs: Animal Birth Control! Chief of Police President Figueredo, this dog torture cannot go unpunished! Adopt Humane Stray Dog Management in Pakistan
More signatures. Germany, No to shooting and killing stray Cats in the Lower Saxon Wadden Sea National Park! Belgium, against unstunned Slaughter, more signatures are welcome, confirm! Minister Weyts announced today that there will be a complete ban on slaughter without stunning. He is a very brave man who deserves all praise. He now needs state-protection because of threats! Netherlands, political party PvdA, a vote against Hunting for 'fun'! ZIP=5 digits.  Thank you to President Obama for fighting to save elephants from extinction Spain, NO to the mink farm in Carracedelo Mother Assaulted, Arrested After Stepping in Front of a Cop Who was About to Shoot Her Dog!  South Africa, amend Animal Act, Act 71 of 1962 and the Performing Animal Protection Act, Act 24 of 1935!
                         ========  News and more  ======== China, Another truck loaded with about 300 dogs was intercepted a few hours ago outside Beijing. Based on past experiences, rescue operations have a greater chance of success because of sympathetic Beijing officials Dog shelter, Ukrain, Charkov Turkey, Animal Friends Association, translate please

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