Thursday, August 13, 2015

Petitions and More, August 13  Tweetsheet the Grind, Faroe, Friday 14 August Action alerts for (wild) animals Action alerts for (wild) animals Taiji, Japan, more signatures needed Help Ensure Elephants Are Fully Protected in the U.S.! Russia, Bashkortostan, stop the persecution and mass shooting of Dogs in the city of Sibai! 6 month old puppy brutally shot by local law enforcement. The puppy suffered a broken neck and was discarded in the trash  Ensure Public Authorities Comply with Tree Felling Policies - 900 Ancient Trees were Cleared to Make Way for a Road!
              ===========  News and more  =======  Exposing the Bloody Ivory Trade Slaughter Foals, looking for a good place to live; please support

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