Saturday, November 1, 2014

Petitions and More, Nov. 1  Several actions, more attention needed!  A new complaint seeking revocation of SCBT's dealer license and the largest fine allowable under the Animal Welfare Act! At your right: Take action, ZIP=5 digits  More 1 click actions, under Issues!  UK-ZIP. Find out where your MP stands on urgent animal protection initiatives and email them! (Twice)  Fill in town and street  Governor Brown, Demand California Fish & Wildlife Director Charlton Bonham Enforce California's Mountain Lion Protection Laws! More messages still needed, please!  Stop the immense suffering inflicted on primates in cruel experiments! Scroll down please, copy/paste and send your message!  Second row. Just a few:;;;;;;;;,  The Voices That Can't Speak!  To join  Very graphic. Ask Thailand’s leaders to crack down on dog meat traders and put an end to this barbaric industry!  Stop animal experiments for drugs, food and cosmetics!  No direct target. If unavailable: go to search animal petitions, fill in justice f.e., next scroll down, thanks  Send a short message to the Pope to ask him to become a vegan!  Monsoon Festival, Spain, No Heifers, cattle! For ethics, dignity and for the avoidance of psychological maltreatment of Heifers  Fb, change your policy for any content that glorifies animal abuse, to be able to report it and have it removed!  Competent authorities, we ask to reject categorically and without question any involvement in the project Plaza Mexico; deny the status of "artistic monument" of blood and death!  Bilbao, Spain: We ask for a declaration of ethical treatment of animals! And to take appropriate steps to ensure their welfare!   Improve the conditions for animals in the Livestock expo, Guadalajara, Mexico; or prohibit this yearly, abusive, event!  Support the Ban on Horse Slaughter!  Draw the Line on Alaska's Cruel Hunt!  Help Preserve Idaho's "Big Wild"  Help Save Utah's Greater Canyonlands  Stop Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated Fishing and Seafood Fraud
                           ===========   News, video’s, votes, if any  ==========  Greyhound Racing in Great Britain

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