Monday, November 24, 2014

Petitions and More, Nov. 24  Secr. Jewell: Stop the Planned Commercial Killing Competition! More signatures fast please! Stop The Wolf Carnage In Idaho! More signatures needed as well!  Update: Michael Patrick Stackhouse has been convicted! He will spend the next 16 months behind bars! Source: Fox 17 Online
Still needs more signatures! Reverse the vicious dog ban better known as the Breed Specific Law! Save Zeus!  If not sent yet: Disturbing experiments on rats and mice, BHF Please send Bamboo and Chai to an elephant sanctuary! Italy, EU: Stop the invasion of palm oil!  Stiffer penalties for those convicted of and involved in dogfighting even spectators  Justice for Bolt, Colorado dog chained outside for months now!
France, prohibit hunting boars in pens by dogs. Again, no target
                             ===========  News, votes, video’s  ========== Round 3, Vote every day please! Under Animal Welfare; 1 vote once a day for your favorite!  Vote for as many as you like, but only 1 vote per dream, confirm (in the junk/spam mail..)! Snapshot of compassion as man cares for stray cats in Syria

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