Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Petitionsand More, Nov. 26  Against Factory Farming in Austria, still in need of more signatures  Environmentalist and civil society activist Yevgeny Vitishko was sentenced to three years in prison on trumped-up charges. His "crime" is that he spoke openly about the illegal building of the reserve and the nature of the harm caused to the construction in Sochi, Russia. Needs more signatures from us! India: to prevent the merciless cruelty towards animals and to curb soaring illegal slaughtering activities! Spain, Valencia: Take charge of sterilization and the feeding of cat colonies! 422,000 euros per year is spent, but not a single euro goes to the care of abandoned cats! France, close this ‘shelter’ called ‘Savoir Donner’: no quarantine, no infirmary, little or no insulation in the cabins, little or no veterinary screening, no sterilization, little or no care!  EU, Stop the rabbit caging in animal husbandry Stop Oil Supertanker Traffic on BC's North Coast
                     ========  News, votes, updates  =========  Bosnia Herzegovina, Bojan Veselici, looking desperately for adopters of the dogs in the dog-pound; only 5 days are left for them Nepal and India: Saving animals from the Gadhimai sacrifice, part two


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