Friday, October 31, 2014

Petitions and More, Oct. 31

More actions will follow  Austria, owners condemn the killing of animals by hunters on their land! Click on ‘Solidaritätserklärung ausfüllen’ once more please  Actions for endangered species and wild places!  Important animal-issues for US voters: Alabama, Maine, Michigan, Mississippi  Bee-ware: Bayer is back with a new neonic Argentina, Municipality of La Costa Partido, Stop the abuse, poisoning and indiscriminate killing of pets!
Graphic. Facebook, Close these pages! Say NO to Animal Abuse!  Mexico City: Urgent Surveillance, monitoring of the French Pantheon and it's employees/manager to halt the killing of cats living there, neutered, cared for by Aurora and her sister. Cats are crucified, disembowelled, killed by pellets, poisoned (and buried alive)
Stop the poisoning of dogs in Esperanza, Santa Fe, Argentina!
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