Friday, November 21, 2014

Petitions and More, Nov. 21 Urge Vanderbilt University to End the Use of Sheep for Emergency Medicine Training! ZIP=5 digits Allocate Funding to Review the Science of Listing Wild Bison under the Endangered Species Act; US-ZIP  Bill No. 2548, "Amendments to Articles 544-ter and 544-quater of the Penal Code, relating to cruelty to animals through the acts of a sexual nature, or the creation of shows and pornographic shows Mexico, Exemplary punishment for Alexander Rodriguez Torrez; causing wounds with a machete to this dog! Target... Colombia, Panaca Shroud (responded): Improve living conditions at Panaca Sabana, especially for Dogs Loro Parque: do not send the gorilla "Lion" to the Belo Horizonte Zoo in Brazil Tell Secretary Jewell to Stop the Planned Commercial Killing Competition!
Seeking Justice for Chewy, neglected pup tied to a tree in the snow Protect Black Rhinos from Trophy Hunters We demand a ban on hunting captive animals for sport in South Africa
                                ===========   News, votes    ==============  Virginia Range mustangs need to be rescued to prevent them from being sent to the slaughter auction!  Unforgiving towards companies, vote now  A Paraplegic Dog Found In Bad Shape On A Beach In Thailand Was Given A Chance


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