Friday, November 14, 2014

Petitions and More, Nov. 14 Emergency: Tell USFWS to Protect Wisconsin's Wolves! Stop innocent dogs from being shot and killed! Sweden: hold the County Administration accountable for this inhumane slaughter of Sheep! Confirm please Please replace brutal animal sacrifice with non-living symbols! Urgent
Scroll down to Call for action, click here, to send your protest! (some will be returned) Urgent The Nepalese Hindu Forum UK completely opposes animal sacrifice as Hinduism does not sanction the killing of living beings! Urgent More signatures please! Other 1-click actions will follow! Protect Oregon forests - maintain conservation measures in S1784. US-ZIP Turkey: I want (true) justice (for animal cruelty) and another world! Stop the sale of puppies in Catalonia; compulsory sterilization of dogs and cats; create adoption centers for dogs and cats Turkey: Law No. 5199 will change the legislative proposals if accepted. Dogs will be collected from the streets and imprisoned behind barbed wire!  Turkish Football Fed.: Fenerbahce goalkeeper  Volkan Demirel should be punished for his campaign to kill all stray dogs;  apologizes to the public
Argentina, Lord Gov. Daniel Scioli Don: compliance with Animal Welfare Laws (13879, 14346, 12449) and all the items in this petition
Germany: Please protect wild wolves consistently and start programs, with guarding dogs Stop Cruel and Illegal Foie Gras Production Stop Cutting Down Forests to Use in Wood-Burning Power Plants in Europe Stop an Investment Firm from Destroying Rainforests
                    ===========   News, video’s, votes   ========== Every Billboard=1000's more people against the Dog Meat trade! Victory in the Lone Star State for the Greyhounds Round 3, Vote please! Under Animal Welfare


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