Saturday, November 15, 2014

Petitions and More, Nov. 15  Dogs are suffering needlessly in heart failure experiments at Wayne State University! Needs more signatures! Spain, Valencia, Alzira: End one of the most shameful acts of cruelty against Calves! More signatures still needed Belgium: Meat Promotion should not be a public service announcement! France, IFCE: for the right of owners to oppose the slaughter of their horses, also if re-sold! Graphic. Colombia, Bogota: finally deport Acacius, street dweller from Venezuela, abuser of dogs! Colombia, MaxMara: remove your Fur products from your stores! Graphic. Designer Vivienne Westwood: make all your products synthetic; you can not be synonymous with "Animal Protection" if you contribute to abuse!
Facebook, remove the page: I hate cats and stop encouraging the torture of cats!
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Still there!  Please vote for Forest-Ethics, choose Credo Action member, ZIP=5 digits!  Sweden’s last chinchilla fur farm has just been closed down

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