Thursday, November 27, 2014

Petitions and More, Nov. 27  Submit your comment, copy/paste/adapt etc. Int. action  More signatures please, 300,000 needed  To sign, you have to scroll down all the way, thanks Justice for Baby Boy: Nigel Cameron just sent off the email with all signatures himself!  For Arturo, new goal  Best Buy, using huge amounts of paper from the Boreal Forest for flyers! Spain, Gov. of Gijón: rescue the locked up female dog in La Camocha now!  Catalunya, Spain: the citizens do not want the killing of abandoned animals, instead, provide them with a comfortable habitat! Mexico: immediately provide adequate care or relocate the animals of the Municipal Park Miguel Hidalgo! Send an SOS to Save Our Sanctuaries! Needs many more signatures! Save Native Wildlife from Bushfires! As well!
Feel free to use any or all of these petitions/news/updates/votes to repost in order to share!
                           ========  News, updates   ===========  Pen Farthing, who founded a nonprofit that reunites soldiers at home with stray dogs and cats they took in during combat, has been named the 2014 CNN Hero of the Year! Romania,  Action Group Bucharest: activists who pursue the illegal nightly convoys of ASPA's Dog catchers and the local police, to prevent these illegal catching and killing actions and to document their crimes and misdemeanors!
-------------  About the slander campaign: just scroll down after opening this link please. Nigel Cameron of the Petitionhub commented as well (at the end)


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