Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Petitions and More, Nov. 12  Go to: Show more, and take action!
Needs more signatures Very graphic. BCBG: have a heart for animals and STOP selling angora and fur immediately! Justice for Bichon, found with multiple injuries from owner! Confirm  Indonesia: as the palm oil trader most at risk of trafficking Conflict Palm Oil, sourced from the Leuser Ecosystem, the Musim Mas Group must take action! Support the Recovery of Pacific Bluefin Tuna, once more Argentina, justice for Analia, 6 months pregnant, president of St. Vincent Refuge, killed in a car accident on her way to rescue the allegedly starved animals in Coronel Pringles Dogpound!  Chile, Gov. : Punish circus los Tachuela for animal abuse and violence against animal friends! Spain: Stop the killing, maiming, drowning and poisoning of feral animals around the Hospital La Paz, Madrid, and allow protective associations to continue  management and control!
Asturias (Spain):  No to the planned Hunting of dogs by the Nursery Field Raigosu Hunters Society, supported by the Min. of Livestock, Farming and Natural Resources. Dogs that are found on the mountain will be killed without mercy! Colombia, Santa Marta: No to a killing pound for animals with or without owner, sick, dying, starving, eating each other!  Argentina, Centenario: implement free castrations for dogs, to control the canine population, to avoid the killing of dogs! Punish puppy mill owner Patricia Z. Douglas to fullest extent of the law! Japan: Do not treat innocent wildlife like criminals, please stop the killing
                     ===========   News, video’s, vote, polls, if any   =========  First City in Iran to Ban Killing Stray Dogs and the Woman Behind It. Updated Round 3, Vote please! Under Animal Welfare 

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