Thursday, November 20, 2014

Petitions and More, Nov. 20  If not signed yet. Germany, Resolution for an ecological Hunting Act in NRW; Hunting reform now! Scroll down to ‘Aufruf unterschreiben’! Secr. Jewell: Stop The Planned Commercial Killing Competition! Urgently needs more signatures!  More action alerts (if not signed yet)  Blatant animal abuse at your supplier farm and slaughterhouse! US info. Pass wilderness bills waiting for final approval in Congress  Pope Francis: have the Vatican State Convention sign the World Wildlife Trade (CITES) against the ivory trade! Argentina, Gov. of the Province of Misiones: Stop the unpunished poaching and killing of Wildlife, such as Jaguar and Tapir, in Misiones Forest, Yacutinga Private Wildlife Reserve! France, Eure & Loir, Chartres: stop the  euthanasia of abandoned cats, respect the agreement with the SPA, the Rural Code, the law of 99, the recommendations of the Ministry of Agriculture! Resignation of the new director of technical services!  US Justice System: determine that chimpanzees and primates are not objects, but living beings like people Fb, withdraw the "Deer Hunter 2014" game, teaching children complete disrespect for animals!
                      ==========   News, video’s, votes  ==========   Please vote for Forest-Ethics, choose Credo Action member, ZIP=5 digits!  Round 3, Vote every day please! Under Animal Welfare; only 1 Vote per Dream

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