Thursday, November 6, 2014

Petitions and More, Nov. 6  If not sent yet:  English, German, Romanian text, a letter on behalf of the Romanian dogs, to mr. Juncker!
Give Waler Horses the dignity they deserve, and convince Unesco to add them to Australia's cultural and natural heritage! President Dilma: an end to illegal and destructive logging in the Amazon!  Stop New England fisheries managers from eliminating crucial habitat protections!  Accurate labeling of Seafood  Gov., set up a network of marine conservation zones around England so that our seas and sea-life can thrive again!  Mayor City of Barranquilla, Colombia,  Stop building a slaughterhouse for homeless animals, abandoned or not claimed because of the high fine!  Stop the construction of a slaughterhouse for dogs and cats in the city of Barranquilla, Colombia! Implement massive campaigns for castration of animals and create a refuge center!  Carlos Caicedo, Mayor of Santa Marta, Colombia: Immediately Stop the Slaughter of abandoned or unclaimed animals! For many years, with the festivals of the sea coming up, dogs and cats are caught by the town hall and taken to a farm where they are left to starve, and even to eat each other!
                               ==========   News, video’s, polls, if any   ========= Effect on shelter cat intakes and euthanasia from a shelter neuter return project of 10,080 cats


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