Monday, November 10, 2014

Petitions and More, Nov. 10 Proposal to prohibit the use of cages on farms throughout Europe. Starting with those used to raise rabbits!  Spain, Council of Badajoz, close the provincial dog pound Olivenza (Badajoz) because of the deplorable conditions for the dogs!  Spain, Council of Lanzarote: take measures to prevent the horrible situation for dogs used for hunting; at the end of the hunting season, or in between, thousands of them will be slaughtered!
we demand compulsory Video-surveillance in all slaughterhouses!  Spain, Min. of Justice: investigate the torture, hanging, poisoning and abuse of the Cats colony in Torremolinos close to the stores and Pinipollo Gavez restaurant!   Stop the Republicans attack on Wolves and all other Wildlife!  Wisconsin is intentionally misleading the USFWS in it's total Wolf population; boycott this State!   Justice For 12 year old Border Collie Zelda, viciously drowned in river by William Meek!  Investigate and revoke veterinary license of Mustafa Mrkulic due to animal abuse and malpractice!   M&S remove fur garments & accessories from their stores worldwide! Save Jaguars and Ocelots From Open-pit Mining!  Stop Big Oil From Blasting Airguns in Whale Habitat!  Singapore: Responsible Tourism is embracing lives , Not Killing lives!
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