Sunday, March 9, 2014

Petitions and More, March 9  Ban Zoophilia in Denmark! Sign at your right, scroll down  Ban Sex with Animals in Denmark! Confirm signature  Still in need of many more signatures!
If not signed yet. ZIP: 5 digits  Minnesota alert, before Monday 3 pm: Dog and Cat Breeder Regulation Bill, H.F. 84   Mail. If not done yet, MD US only! Conform HB73 to SB247  Romania, President, Stop Animal Abuse
Needs many more signatures!
Fill in Town and street   Confirm signature  Update, Dog Meat trade, take action if not done yet!   Pass Legislation To End Permitting Licenses For Out Of State Bears!
Deadline March 11th!
EU Parl., Ban Greyhound Racing and Hunting with Galgo’s in Spain!   Gov. of Puebla, Mexico, Pue. Mr. Rafael Moreno Valle Rosas: Stop the ‘traditional’, barbaric mass Slaughter of Goats in Oaxaca and Tehuacan!  Do not allow QVC to trade in the products of the Princess of Auersperg complete set (Fur!), even when only the fashion jewelry line is currently offered there!  Stop Idaho's Wolf Extermination Campaign!  Deny Import Permit for Black Rhino Hunt!   Help Protect Pets from Domestic Violence
(Returning green stars on to save a lot of time, do this via ‘my page, kudo’s’!)
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