Sunday, March 23, 2014

Petitions and More, March 23  The world's largest animal sacrifice festival in Nepal, Bariyarpur, should not take place again!  Predator 'managers' responsible for the Environmental Protection Agency Sweden have to resign with immediate effect!  Because they allow the hunting of wolves and seriously injure the population , approaching extinction!  Confirm please!  Submit your Official Comment in Support of Wolves! Int.  Tom Vilsack, take the next steps on Poultry Slaughter! Non-US also, state: none  For Non-US! Appoint USADA to Oversee American Racing!   More signatures please   Justice for Fly, most starved Dog  update: the video has to stay as evidence, do not ask to remove!  A label to enhance and formalize eco tourism activities, respecting fully the welfare of animals. Confirm please  Romania, Bucharest, Dogcatchers took 90 Dogs illegally, badly injuring and killing many, from the Four Paws Clinic and Shelter! Just to get their bonusses for murdering dogs!   Justice!  Mexico, Eloy Vega Serrano is mutilating puppies ears without anesthesia, in a very cruel way!   Take Extinction off your Plate
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