Monday, March 24, 2014

Petitions and More, March 24;D=FWS-HQ-ES-2013-0073-43030  President Obama, US Fish & Wildlife Service, it's time to honor honest science, basic human decency and respect for the continent's native wolves, by keeping America's wolves federally protected! Deadline March 27! Int.  Int., State: other. Deadline March 26.  Please do not let the BLM and its rancher constituencies get away with using the sage grouse as an excuse to further destroy the remaining wild horse and burro populations in Wyoming!   Romania, Establish Animal Police nationwide!   More signatures!   Italy, Stop the poisoning, trapping, killing of Wolves and Bears! Cap: 5 digits. Confirm please
Mexico, stop catching and killing healthy dogs under the excuse of Rabies!
Ban rodeos, bullfights, binge ox or similar events in the city of Santos Dumont, Brasil  Germany, transfer Snout, the last survivor of the Berlin Bears prison, to the Bear Müritz Sanctuary!
                                                                 =============   News, video’s, polls   ===========  Trading with the Chinese for ‘other food’ opportunities ..??  This is even worse than anyone can imagine! Taking place in Russia already! Stray and stolen dogs used for dog meat and fur!    .......hopeless.  But please write to ;  for support, and to ask whether those new orders of the Romanian president, and the raid of March 21, are legal!  Use translate; the latest updates! Bragadiru/Bucharest!  One of Romania’s ‘most dangerous’ stray’s!   Stray Dog Rescuers Romania, video, non-graphic, no connection with the latest news  Use translate please. A different view. Poll at the end   Animals adopting other animals

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