Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Petitions and More, March 5  Netherlands, if not signed yet: Stop redundant safety test- experiments with Animals!  Horrific pictures circulating showing "local", barbaric massacring of cows following a road accident in Venezuela. Stop all these atrocities and heavily Punish these perpetrators! Confirm!  France, Change the legal Status of Foxes!l Confirm as well  Protection of Wild Horses is needed right now! Ask your representatives in Washington to sign the "Keep Wild Horses Wild Pledge"  ! US  First click ‘I confirm..’, ZIP 5 digits. Protest, Thousands of Zoo-Animals condemned to death!  Confirm signature   Protest against the decision of the Co-operative to increase the stocking density of broiler chickens!
Turkey. As a result of negligence and animal welfare violations Macunköy shelter animals die from neglect and dirt constantly
                                                ==========    News, video’s, poll’s  ==========   Craiova, Romania, rescued Dogs, needing support

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