Friday, March 14, 2014

Petitions and More, March 14  Wildlife Services sharpshooters killed another 23 wolves from a helicopter in a remote area in Idaho! This has to Stop!
res. Romania, Stop the Dog-Masssacre!  Protest against tanneries discovered in Switzerland using and selling cat skin! Still needs more signatures
Release Conan!  If not taken action yet: End Cosmetic Testing!   CA, Oppose Assembly Member Donnelly's AB 2205 — the latest attempt to allow the use of hounds when sport hunting bears and bobcats in California!  Today! Contact: CA only...étitions/stoppons-le-calvaire-des-chevaux-en-amerique   Stop the nightmare for horses in retirement! Considered unnecessary or cumbersome, they are sold off to be slaughtered. And the last trip is pure hell 
Governor of Rio de Janeiro :  Convict Nanuel Alvarez & José Herrera for animal cruelty!
Brasil, a Protest against the horrific abuse of Animals, for meat  Mexico, Act upon this Cruelty. Mr. José Antonio López , has about 100 dogs of various breeds, which are in terrible conditions  Spain: a Commission to oversee all complaints against those who violate the animal welfare laws so they can be systematically punished / fined by the relevant administration
                                             ========   News, video’s, poll’s  ==========  Audio Oprescu admits: Manager ASPA was private clinic administrator mayor. Romania  Please ‘like’.  When they have the most LIKES , Dogs Adoptions Nederland will receive a donation to help the Romanian dogs. Thank you    Animal Legal Defense Fund. Winning the case against Cruelty   Our Forests Aren't Fuel: Injustice in Northampton

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