Friday, March 21, 2014

Dogcatchers took 90 Dogs illegally, badly injuring and killing some, from the Four Paws Shelter! Bucharest, Romania!

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  Romania, Bucharest, Dogcatchers took 90 Dogs illegally, badly injuring many and killing some, from the Four Paws Clinic and Shelter! Just to get their bonusses for murdering dogs! And, indeed, this comes out of the EU budget; we're all paying for this indirectly!  And please look at the answers!

These doghunters/catchers/killers are using a name which resembles ASPCA, on purpose.
Support is now needed more than ever to bring Romanian dogs in safety!  English text as well:


  1. This wicked people are not human beings! ASPA is currently under investigation by the Romanian National Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA). Posted on Care2 and shared.

    Thank you so much dear Anneke!

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  3. Thanks for the extra video as well