Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Petitions and More, March 26  Urgent! Immediately withdraw the draft rule to delist gray wolves! Int. Non-US, State: other  STOP any bill or law that punishes those who expose abusive conditions on factory farms!  International  Once more: Tell military officials to STOP harming and killing animals NOW!  Stop the torture and massacre of Cats in Montpellier, France. More attention please!  Sterilize Cats in Lille! More signatures needed! Confirm  Pushed beyond the breaking point, the bones in their legs straining to hold up the body weight, bleeding lungs incapable of breathing in enough air, and forced to keep running in spite of it all...Protest please! US  Don't endanger the last panthers - deny (UIC) Permit Application FLIOO47!  For Non-US, State: none  Ban Wildlife Snares in England and Wales! Int. for other: your country, go to Submit!  Eliminate the Cruel and Unusual Punishment of Healthy and Treatable Animals! Confirm as well  Urgent, Germany: the animal protection group action, animal lawyer’s group, also applies to zoos! Int. Confirm please, click on ‘link’   Stop canned Hunting! Postal code 5 digits. Confirm  Netherlands, to prevent that more dogs will be used in experiments! More signatures please!   Preserve critical endangered species funding! US  Tell the EPA that endangered species and clean water are more important than Big Oil's profits!   Give the stray dogs a chance to live! Call on Romania's Prime Minister to quash the killing- law!  Congress, Preserve Critical Endangered Species Funding!
                                                     ==============   News, video’s, polls   ===============   Thailand, Mass vaccinations underway for dogs rescued from dog meat trade   Largest animal rights organization in South Korea, with more than 80,000 members, non-governmental, actively rescuing animals and running its own shelter  New Cat Takes Up Residence at Winston Churchill Estate

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