Thursday, March 27, 2014

Petitions and More, March 27  Today!!!! Tell Secr. of the interior Sally Jewell and her staff to listen to the public and the science by saving the wolves! International. ZIP: 5 digits! 72%  As well! Int.  Immediately withdraw the draft rule to delist gray wolves!  Minnesota’s Wolves, call and email now! Use talking points please   Urge Canada to end it’s shameful Seal slaughter!  Argentina:  VITAMIN, Women's Clothing,  destroying more than 6000 hectares of native forests protected by the Forest Act, home of the Jaguar and Anteater! Protest please! Not sure what to fill in, but it worked  Please join us now in calling the European Commission to take our petition for the Pigs seriously!  More signatures fast please!  Needs many more signatures urgently!
More signatures needed!  New Zealand, take action for the Calves and mail to:  Protestmail: immediate action against the University of Washington for severe animal abuse!  Use Translate: against the confiscation of dog Tascha, on behalf of little Dylan! Confirm please  Cameron, just Drop the Badger Cull! Automatic fill-in: Click extra on each line   No to Oil drilling in the Canary Islands!   Spain, Stop this:  butchers cut the old horses' vocal cords, without anesthesia, to take part in bullfighting, being severely abused, with their intestines hanging out !  Romania, urgent: let the Stray Dogs live! More signatures needed!
                                                                       ===========   News, video’s, polls   =============  Romanian authorities continue with lies, bribery’s, and false accusations towards rescuers! ASPA's boss Bancescu is having them stalked on Facebook,  it’s almost ridiculous! He even orders ‘Paypal donations being monitored’ ......All that money NOT coming his way!  Greek Cat Rescue, founded in 2010, helps the stray cats of Greece, starting with the island of Samos, by sterilizing as many as possible  Animal news, articles