Thursday, March 6, 2014

Petitions and More, March 6  Farmed Animals Need Protection from Preventable Fires, send your protest!  5 minutes to help end cosmetic testing on animals! US   Action against Fur-selling Sport-Eybl. Please go to ‘self-indictment form’, and use translate!  A complete ban on the import of Lion (canned or wild) and of all other wild animal body parts as trophies into EU Member States!   Germany, KaDeWe, No more Foie Gras!  Scroll down and take action for the Lynx, the Moose and the Environment!  US  Russia, Stop the destruction of the unique landscapes of the Black Sea!  Stop fish cruelty in Berlin Dong Xuan Center! Confirm
                                                                 ==========    News, video’s, poll’s   ============  Neglect of Stray Dogs - MEPs Deliver Damning Indictment of Romania's Mismanagement   The Boy and his Stray’s from the Philippines, update

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