Monday, March 10, 2014

Petitions and More, March 10   Stop any Kind of Safari Hunting!  Stop horrific trauma training in the EU! More signatures still needed!  Tell BLM: Remove Wild Horse Habitat from Gas & Oil Development! ZIP: 5 digits. More attention please!
Still needs more signatures!
France: investigate the disappearance of Cats at the SPAD du Dauphiné!
More attention needed  Scroll down to sign: Karakul lamb fur - cruelty of designers!  If not signed yet, Germany, LPT, Fam. Leuschner, immediately STOP any animal testing, and animal breeding! The remaining animals must immediately be handed over to animal rights organizations!  More signatures please!   Prevent the Thuringian Minister of the Environment, Reinholz the elephant hunter , to have a position with animal welfare responsibility!  Help Us End Oil Drilling in the Arctic—For Good!
Germany, Koblenz, severe punishment for Puppy torture by Tom H., Betzdorf!  HB 423 will make it legal for hunters to trap LIVE raccoons and use them in cruel field trial competitions with dogs!  Argentinia: Prohibit  sale and exchange of any type of animal via Internet sites where online sale of animals lacks the necessary controls! Deer were brought in from New Zealand and had a cost of $ 40,000 each! NO Hunting Reserve in Tupungato, Mendoza, Argentinia!
For a Public Vet Clinic and a Shelter for abandoned animals in San Juan, Argentina
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