Monday, March 3, 2014

Petitions and More, March 3  Please sign/share the petitions if not done so, Say NO to Dog Meat!
More signatures please!  BLM: remove Livestock to protect Wild Horses and Burros during Drought! US  Lowe, Stop selling Bee killing insecticides   Support wolf eyes and its founder Jean-Michel Stasse; confirm please, 3rd link
EU, Stop Budgetting the Slaughter of Dogs in Romania!  First petition closed but the others still need many more signatures urgently! Romania!
France: Resignation of Board of Directors of the SPA!
                                                            ==========  News, video’s, poll’s  ===========  Use translate, Germany, addressing Angela Merkel, Romania’s Dog Slaughter   GreaterGood's contributions helped build a brand new shelter for dogs rescued from the Meat trade in Thailand!

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