Sunday, March 16, 2014

Petitions and More, March 16!docketDetail;D=FWS-HQ-ES-2013-0073   Comment now, deadline March 27:  I urge you NOT to delist the Gray Wolf from the Endangered species list! Non-US as well!   Prohibit Wildlife Killing Contests in California! Non-US, State: other, ZIP: 5 digits  Join EPIC at the teleconference March 19, at 10:00am, to help protect wolves coming into California  Maryland Residents: URGENT! Good Samaritan legislation needs your support, please encourage elected officials to protect your right to care for cats!  Speak Out Against Turkey Torture!  For Animal Welfare Legislation in Lebanon   Against Cosmetic testing on Animals
More signatures!  Still needs more signatures!  Invite Pres. Obama to the PIBBLE rally on May 3rd, see art. below:
Turkey, cancel the amendment to the Animal Welfare Law, no testing on stray animals!
Turkey, Stop this atrocity, Camel Fighting, alcoholic, Event in the municipality of Izmir Flag!  Germany, reject the Slaughterhouse Bernburg contract for the Slaughter of 24,000 pigs each day, transported from Eastern Europe by longlasting, agonizing shipments!
Brasil, Do not approve the cruel slaughter for consumption of Donkey’s in Apodi , RN   Intervene More Quickly in Animal Abuse & Hoarding Cases  You can now be arrested and fined for rescuing a wounded bird!   Increase Protections on Oregon BLM Forest Lands and Create Siskiyou Wild Rivers Monument  Reform Animal Control in North Carolina
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