Monday, January 30, 2017

Petitions and More, January 30

-------------------------------------------- Minister of Justice, Canada, address the significant social issue of animal cruelty by immediately conducting a review of the animal cruelty provisions in the Criminal Code. Validate signature please UK Government: Protect Monkeys Used in Neuroscience Experiments Stop funding these cruel experiments on monkeys at Duke and Yale Universities and shift all Simons Foundation funding to human-centered, non-animal research Germany. Urgent. Needs many more signatures! Ban on the senseless fox hunt - Never more "fox weeks" in the district of Giessen! Confirm please Protest against the release of 198 doves as props during the Rose Parade If not signed yet. Help launch a powerful Refuge Wilderness Bill ZIP=5 digits. Please stand up for the Arctic and reject Senate Bill 49, the Alaska Oil and Gas Production Act ZIP=5 digits.  Protect the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness ZIP=5 digits. Stop Trump from building the Dakota Access pipeline. #NoDAPL
--------------------------  Spain. Abolish the horrible fire event with horses, held in San Bartolom√© de Pinares Italy. Protest against the ‘estimated’ killing of Wolves Italy. Do not allow the cull of ‘5% of the Italian Wolves’, their numbers are not known; increase penalties for poachers, those who commit crimes and strengthen supervision even with the use of voluntary associations. Timely complete compensation for damages suffered by the farmers Italy. Calling upon the police to stop this sadistic individual and compagnons who slaughtered a sheep in a cruel way Protest against seizing people's cared for and loved animals and euthanizing them, or putting them in captivity for the rest of their lives or in zoos Japan. Stop the construction of a resort (hotels etc.)  in Nara Park,  a "Place of Scenic Beauty," and a "Preservation District for Historic Landscapes" Congress, Reauthorize Programs That Protect Elephants Stand against Trump's anti-environment agenda  Missouri's Leaders: Support The State's Largest Clean Energy Project
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