Thursday, January 26, 2017

Petitions and More, January 26  State leaders, prohibit the use of poisons and traps on public lands in New Mexico. End the War on Wildlife, stop the cruel and ecologically destructive practices of Wildlife Services ZIP=5 digits. Once more. Urge the White House to protect animal welfare Make a simple call and request the senators to vote NO on S.164 and keep the wolf federally protected Please support the Harb bill and End the Seal hunt in Canada End the export of captive-bred African lion parts from South Africa Netherlands. Do not let the large herbivores at the Oostvaardersplassen nature reserve starve again. Confirm please Once more. Against the horrible mistreatment of Bulls during the "Feast of the Virgen de la Candelaria" inTlacotalpan, Mexican state of Veracruz  Urgent: oppose Giant New Chicken Factory Farm in Shropshire 5 action alerts (if not done yet) Protest, at your right. One of Europe's largest forestry groups illegally destroys the habitat of protected brown bears in Romania. Nevertheless, these products end up with the 'sustainability seal' of the FSC in our hardware stores. Remove the FSC seal of approval for Schweighofers products. Confirm please Needs more signatures. To ban foie gras products in Europe Indonesia, save the bears of Bandung zoo. To confirm Austria. Animal welfare legislation: catastrophic changes for the animals, protests:,;jsessionid=00000000.app30101a?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=4156 I oppose your Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipeline executive memoranda ZIP=5 digits. Oppose the nomination of Sonny Perdue to lead the U.S Department of Agriculture If not signed yet. HSBC, funding destruction Russia. Punish these sadists, Ulyanovsk, on ul.Hrustalnoy 34, pensioner Margarita Petrovna and daughter, killing cats France. Peymeinade. Stop the abuse of these de-sexed, cared for (feral) cats Protest. Spain. Sadeco Cordoba wants to prohibit the entry of protectors / volunteers in the municipal dogpound  Brazil. Protest against the killing of dogs left without treatment; replace the head of the dogpound Prudente Demanding a dignified retirement and protection project for these four-legged heroes from the Canine Unit of the Ertzaintza, Basque country, Spain Germany. Protest against the Muntjak -mini deer- slaughter by EU regulation Chile. Decrease pine and eucalyptus forest plantations in Chile, restore nature Columbia. Encourage activities that contribute to the growth of the city, No to bullfighting  Russia. Ban the mobile cruel, unsanitary and dangerous dolphinarium in Samaria and confiscate the dolphins Urge the White House to Protect Animal Welfare Trump: Reverse the Gag Order on the EPA
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