Monday, January 16, 2017

Petitions and More, January 16 UK Government: Protect Monkeys Used in Neuroscience Experiments US-info. Protect our Public Lands and the Antiquity Act ZIP=5 digits. Reject drilling in Arctic Refuge polar bear denning grounds ZIP=5 digits. Incoming administration, we’re not backing down from Mexican gray wolf recovery Ringling Bros. & Feld Motor Sports: to write a polite, short message. Congratulate them for making the right decision and say that the public would admire and respect the company for moving with the times, if they would allow the animals to be sent to good sanctuaries to live out their lives in peace, with no demands made upon them Once again. Vanguard, defund dirty palm oil producers ZIP=5 digits. Tell your senators to close the fracking loophole Urge Trump not to threaten our wildlife and wild places or reverse our progress in fighting climate change ZIP=5 digits. State Attorney General: Stop the Bayer-Monsanto merger Update, Bulgaria, Varna, dogpound. Send a short message to , the Mayor of Varna, Ivan Nikolaev Portnih, Cc: , , and ask him why the volunteers are not allowed to help the 31 dogs, freezing to death! Webform: and Tourisme Spain. We do not want a dogpound in Orihuela run by a business.We want a no kill policy, an animal refuge where animals are protected France. Take measures against the breeding of domestic animals Argentina. Requesting free veterinary care for stray animals with emergencies
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