Thursday, January 19, 2017

Petitions and More, January 19  President Obama, before you leave office, eliminate the McKittrick Policy, -lies to kill-, and let endangered species thrive. Even if the next administration tries to overturn your decision, you will have done the right thing
Use the hashtag #EndMcKittrickPolicy and tell the President by including @BarackObama in your message. Or use one of our example tweets:
Dear @BarackObama before you leave office #EndMcKittrickPolicy and stop the open season on endangered species!
Endangered species are only protected when those who kill them can be prosecuted .@BarackObama it's time to #EndMcKittrickPolicy!
--------------------------------- Spain. Reject the abuse suffered by animals both in the Catalan Correbous and in the bous to the Valencian carrer, whatever the mode used (heifers, embolados, bous to the sea, calves, stringed, etc.) Scroll down on the upper part of the page. Politicians in Castilla y León, Spain, stop the terrible 'celebration' known as Fire Bull Fiesta, or 'Toro Jubilo', in Medinaceli, Soria, where a bull tied to a post with ropes has flaming torches attached to its horns (last images of Nov. 2016)  Government of the Russian Federation, Pres. Vladimir Putin. Use Google translate. Even your name has to be translated in Russian. Text in updates from petitions, make a Word doc, upload later.,  Government of the Russian Federation,  Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. Only 2000 characters (use file)
------------------------------------------------- If not signed yet. Stop the Ivory trade in the EU. To confirm Once more. For compulsory sterilization of all cats in Flanders and Brussels  Action alerts, January 2017 Brazil. Requesting the creation and maintenance of a municipal dog shelter in Dores do Indaiá, it is our responsibility to watch over animals by giving them the necessary protections Belarus. Oppose the production of canned meat and sausage from beavers Turkey. Hasan Kuzu and Neşet Yaman, who cut off the ears of a dog in Isparta and published photographs showing this in their profiles at social sharing sites, were taken into custody Spain. Take action: at hotel Tres Picos, 22469 Eriste, Huesca, a poor dog is kept chained permanently, exposed to freezing temperatures, with a shed buried by snow (insufficient explanation given by the hotel) Argentina. In 2014 the zoo of Santiago del Estero was closed. How much longer do the big cats have to wait to be relocated Argentina. Tranfer the 6 felines, 2 tigers and 4 lions, from the closed Zoo, S. del Estero,  now Colombia. Stop longline fishing in the Colombian Caribbean Sea, protect our marine fauna Indonesia. West Java. Do not renew the mining license of Primkokar in Antajaya Perhutani Six months later...Needs  more signatures fast, if that would help! Belgium. Overijse. Transfer the 22 out of 41 cows who survived this hell to a permanent shelter and give this 'farmer' a lifetime ban on keeping animals and livestock! Rod Thorson, volunteer for one month at IVAR and come back with an educated opinion (pitbull breed) Permanently Fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund
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