Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Petitions and More, January 18  House Resolution 30 Ongoing Combined Event, to have the dog and cat meat trade in China condemned  Mr. Wilbur Ross and Representative Ryan Zinke need to hear from you that protecting ocean wildlife is a priority (signing will be problematic) ZIP=5 digits. Fix the Mount Hood land exchange plan  Ukraine. Stop this "star" murderer from Kiev, Alexei Svyatogor, in his plans for mass killings of dogs in Kiev for the Eurovision 2017! Peru. Stop the mass killing of stray dogs in Arequipa, planned by the Regional Government of Arequipa! Promote campaigns of sterilization and vaccination! Russia. Protect animals in the Rostov region, immediately introduce a law, toughen the penalties for cruelty to animals, use sterilization of animals instead of cruel trapping, poisoning and abuse and killing; check the shelters' conditions for animals, and if there is violence and killing of the animals Italy. Against the killing and trapping of Otters, event planned by the Operations Centre of the Province of Rovigo, January 30, where everybody is welcome! Protest against the killing of Bulls Spain. Tarragona. Ebro isle. Protest against the slaughter of the Bulls living there; relocate them to a sanctuary  Argentina. Give answers regarding the future of the six big cats: two tigers and four lions that are the only ones still in the old zoo that closed about two years ago  Turkey. Kütahya. Housing authority. protest against the treatment of dogs and pups Turkey. Protest against theTanya Dog Mill/Farm in Izmir France. Abandonment of animals, punishment, record of the offense and prohibition for life to acquire an animal France. A few hours of compulsory info, learning before taking a puppy Spain. The Llobregat delta’s leprous tortoise, Mauremys leprosa, is in danger of extinction because people dump here the domestic turtles as the Florida or those with yellow ears, causing the death of many native turtles Stop financing the construction of the Dakota pipeline Make all NHL professional ice hockey players boycott Pyeongchang 2018 winter Olympics in South Korea
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