Saturday, September 5, 2015

Urgent protest, Mass slaughter drive hunt in Limpopo, S.A., Sept. 7, 2015!

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Subject: Mass slaughter drive hunt in Limpopo, S.A. Sept. 7

Mr. Makhubele,
Limpopo Department of Environmental Affairs, South Africa
On Monday the 7th September hundreds of wild animals will be killed in a mass slaughter as part of a driven hunt in Limpopo, South Africa, on 3 game farms just outside of Alldays.
A variety of wild animals including antelope, baboon and warthog will be chased down a specially cleared 2km stretch of land into a wall of gunfire.
Foreign hunters, in South Africa for a week of entertainment will be standing on purpose built platforms along the slaughter strip ready to take pot shots at these terrified animals.

The animals have no chance of evading the onslaught and the hunters have no way of ensuring a clean shot or a humane death.
The animal ‘ targets’ are moving and there is no way to control the species or age of the animals that will be killed. The animals will likely not be used for meat or trophies as their bodies will be riddled with lead.

The hunt will last for 1 week and hundreds of animals will be injured and or killed daily. Hundreds of animals will suffer, just to entertain a few individuals.

Driven Hunting is not illegal, but it most certainly is unethical and inhumane as a clean shot and certain death cannot be guaranteed.
Not killing the animal outright or with a second shot immediately, is certainly a contravention of the Animals Protection Act.
I appeal to the Limpopo Department of Environmental Affairs to stop this hunt immediately.
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